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Relooking & Patina

When I hunt, I sometimes fall in love with the shape of a piece of furniture, a detail that makes the difference, but not always for its appearance. I then choose to revamp it and give it a patina.


Thanks to the patina, I like to bring a lively, irregular look. And bring the illusion that this look is a few years old.

Personalised new look

Since the beginning of 2022, I have also been offering to revamp some of my finds according to your taste (choice of color, parts to paint, those to leave with exposed wood,...).

You can spot the furniture in question by the mention "Relooking personnalisé" in our "Relooking" photo gallery.


For your part, you may have a piece of furniture that you particularly care about but whose appearance does not quite correspond to your current desire?

I also revamp it with pleasure.


Do you like these ideas? Would you like to know more? Let's talk about it together!

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