What can you find by Nouchka & Nougat ?    

Passionate about decoration and big fan of the industrial style, I offer you furniture, lighting and decorative objects coming from old factories, movie studios, old shops,...


All the items offered are authentic pieces restored or in their original condition. These are strong pieces that will bring a lot of character to your interior. They have the advantage of being timeless and perfectly integrated into many styles: industrial loft, contemporary apartment, chalet, renovated barn,…

Who are behind Nouchka & Nougat ?

Nouchka is the nickname that my parents gave me when I was a child. It's a nickname that I've always loved. When I decided to start my activity, I chose to call it Nouchka, it was obvious. And then it's a nod to my parents.


As for Nougat, it is my cat. A sacred Birman, particularly player and rather rascal... Nougat arrived when my project became a reality. So I wanted to share this adventure with him.

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